Sex and the Olympics

Sorry if you came here expecting something else !!!

I’m no pornography enthusiast- so no nude pics of Ashley Harkleroad or Katarina Scholz.

But Matthew Syed has written an excellent article in the Times, and I thought it was worth a read.

It is titled Sex and the Olympic City.

I played my first Games in Barcelona in 1992 and got laid more often in those two and a half weeks than in the rest of my life up to that point. That is to say twice, which may not sound a lot, but for a 21-year-old undergraduate with crooked teeth, it was a minor miracle

Syed represented Britain in table tennis in 1992 and 2000. Jan Ove Waldner took the gold in Barcelona. Kong Linghui took it in 2000, with Waldner coming second.


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