South Africa pull out of Champions Trophy

It was only a matter of time before someone officially said it. South Africa have become the first team to withdraw from September’s Champions Trophy to be held in Pakistan. England, Australia, New Zealand and the West Indies could follow suit-something that the ICC cannot afford.

The ICC finds itself in a very sticky position.  South Africa can justify their stand regarding the security issue- remember the bomb in Karachi when Graeme Smith’s men toured the country in October 2007 ? Should the ICC shift the venue to Sri Lanka, Pakistan stands to lose millions of dollars in revenue, and even worse the ICC could incur the wrath of the BCCI. India’s cricketing body has said that it supports Pakistan’s bid fully, although it is unclear what its stance will be should the tournament move away from Pakistan.

The ICC will hold a meeting today to talk about a possible shift in venues. Reports are also suggesting that South Africa could be a replacement venue too, but that would lead to the country hosting two consecutive money spinning events- the T20 WC and now the Champions Trophy.

An international tournament without South Africa is not quite the same- the 1992, 1999 and 2003 WC will be remembered for what South Africa could not manage to do. If the venue remains Pakistan, with the ICC dropping Rawalpindi, we may end up seeing another Asia Cup.


  1. The security advisors cannot guarantee security.

    When a cricket team needs a team of armed guards 24/7 there is your answer already…..a visiting team that needs that, the country is IN TROUBLE>

    When teams tour NZ they don’t need huge security arrangements.

    We have never had a bomb blast in NZ ever.

    Good decision and the ANOTHER BOMB BLAST on thursday proved it.

    Pakistan…sort your country out first then we can play cricket.

  2. Sri Lanka have said that they will compete in the tournament irrespective of the venue.

    The ICC is expected to hold a meeting today, and reports currently suggest that the CT will be postponed.

  3. […] the Champions Trophy in Pakistan in danger of being reduced to another Asia Cup after South Africa pulled out and the other nations threatening to follow suit, the ICC today has decided to postpone the event […]

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