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Aston Villa sign Steve Sidwell

Martin O’Neill has made his first signing of the summer- and it is Chelsea midfielder Steve Sidwell. Sidwell moved to Chelsea on a free transfer last summer from Reading, but failed to cement a place in the starting XI with players like Ballack, Essien and Lampard playing alongside him.

The Villains have paid 5 million pounds for Sidwell, and he has signed a three year contract at Villa Park.

Sidwell has apparently agreed to take a wage cut. His wages at Villa are reported to £45,000 a week, £15,000 lower than the £60,000 he earned at Chelsea.

However Sidwell has reportedly got a bigger signing on bonus.

Image originally taken by Mark Freeman.


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Results from the Champions Trophy in Rotterdam, Netherlands

Here are the results from the 2008 Champions Trophy in Rotterdam. Germany were the defending champions.

Group Stage Standings

1.) Spain- 10 pts

2.) Australia-10 pts

3.) Argentina -10 pts

4.) Netherlands-6 pts

5.) Germany-4 pts

6.) South Korea- 3 pts

Classification- 5th -6th place playoff

Germany 3-1 South Korea ( Sebastian Draguhn, Tibor Weibenborn, Florian Keller/ Yeo Woon Kon)

Classification 3rd-4th place playoff

Argentina 2-2 Netherlands ( Mario Almada, Matias Peredes/ Teun De Nooijer, Ronald Brouwer)

Argentina win 5-3 on penalties

For Argentina, Lucas Vila, Juan Ignacio Gilardi, Rodrigo Vila, Matias Vila and Matias Peredes scored.

For Holland,  Brouwer, Rob Reckers and Roderick Weusthof scored, but Robert Van der Horst missed.


Australia 4-1 Spain ( Desmond Abbott, Jamie Dwyer, Eddie Ockenden, Eli Matheson/  Xavier Ribas)

9th Champions Trophy for Australia- they now have the same number of trophies as Germany.

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