Top goal scorers- Sultan Azlan Shah Cup 2008

This list will be updated regularly, and the current rankings are after the New Zealand vs Belgium game on May 17

Sandeep Singh ( Ind)-8

Rehan Butt ( Pak) -7

Mohammad Saqlain ( Pak)-5

Facudo Callioni ( Arg)-6 ( Controversy over whether he scored three against India, some agencies report that Juan Martin Lopez scored one- we’ve assumed Callioni to have scored three)

Diwakar Ram ( Ind)-4

Charles Vandeweghe ( Bel)-4

Shivendra Singh ( Ind)-4

Mohd Amin Rahim ( Mas)-4

Jerome Dekeyser ( Bel)-4

Tomas Argento Innocente ( Arg)-3

Ignacio Juan Gilardi ( Arg)-3

Hayden Shaw ( NZ) -3

Simon Child ( NZ)-3

John John Dohmen ( Bel)-2

Jerome Truyens ( Bel)-3 ( Some new agencies claim that Thomas Briels scored two against India, while others say Truyens scored one, and Briels scored one- we’ve assumed the latter)

Pedro Ibarra ( Arg) -2

Philip Burrows ( NZ)-2

Thomas Briels ( Bel)-2

Sukhwinder Singh ( Can)-2

Martin Sosa ( Arg)-2

Bindi Kullar ( Can)-2

Ravi Kahlon ( Can)-2

Gareth Brooks ( NZ)- 1

Juan Martin Lopez ( Arg)-1

Andrew Hayward ( NZ)- 1

Mohammad Ateeq ( Pak)-1

Matthew Guest ( Can)-1

Kevinder Singh ( Mas)-1

Shakeel Abbasi ( Pak)-1

S. Selvaraju ( Mas)-1

Azlan Misron ( Mas)-1

Mohammad Zubair ( Pak)-1

Waqas Akhbar ( Pak)-1

Ricardo Ignacio ( Arg)-1

S.V. Sunil ( Ind)-1

Lucas Hernan ( Arg)-1

Alexandre de Sadeleer ( Bel)-1

Benjamin Collier ( NZ)-1

Loic Vandeweghe ( Bel)-1

Wayne Fernandes ( Can)-1

Scott Tupper ( Can)-1

Dean Couzins ( NZ)-1

Kosoof Dave ( NZ)-1

Nick Wilsons ( NZ)-1

Connor Grimes ( Can)-1

Max Luycx ( Bel)-1

Philip Wright ( Can)-1 ( only one goal, but my word, what an important one it turned out to be )


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