Ronaldinho to join Milan ?

According to news reports coming in, Brazilian playmaker forward Ronaldinho and Italian giants A.C. Milan have agreed initial terms for the player to move to Italy. Ronaldinho’s agent, his brother Roberto, reportedly told Gazzetta dello Sport that ” In general, Ronaldinho and Milan are in agreement”.

There has been a lot of talk about Ronaldinho leaving Barcelona. Once the darling of fans at the Nou Camp and rated the best player on the planet, the Brazilian has struggled to rekindle the form that endeared him to one and all in the La Liga. Injuries have not helped his cause either, with a leg injury ensuring that he will take no further part in Barcelona’s campaing this season.

This means that Milan have to now reach an agreement with Barcelona.

Like all Spanish players, Ronaldinho does have a release clause in his contract, but it is unlikely that Milan will use it, for it is simply astronomical- rumoured to be about 125 million euros.

Reports are saying that a transfer fee of 20-30 million euros is possible. Some others claim that Ronaldinho will buy out the rest of his contract, using article 17.

Will Ronaldinho evoke article 17 ? This article in the Independent, although a year old, explains article 17 perfectly.


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