Bobby Fischer dies

Every sport has characters who are immensely talented, but also make news for reasons other than their displays in that particular sport. It is often said that genius is accompanied by eccentricity in an individual.  That is how most people would regard Robert ” Bobby” Fischer- a brilliant, but eccentric individual. With his death at the age of 64, chess has lost one of its legends- a person who brought home America’s only World Championship, and spent the last decade and a half away from the country because he violated sanctions imposed by the USA by playing Boris Spassky in Yugoslavia.

Fischer was not somebody who was never beaten. Infact, Garry Kasparov even suggested that Fischer was good, but not that good after observing the games that Fischer played against Spassky in 1992. But there is no doubting the fact that Fischer at his prime ( A period from the late 50’s to the early 70’s) was an extremely difficult opponent to play, and one wonders what might have been the outcome had Karpov and he clashed in 1975.

His anti US stand and anti Semitic views towards the end of his life made him an even more controversial person. He lost the first two games to Spassky in the ’72 WCC, coming into the tournament without having recorded a win against the Russian. The third game was played away from cameras ( Fischer forfeited game no.2 because he claimed that the cameras were too distracting, and bizarre as it was, many chess experts reckon that it caught Spassky on the wrong foot).

To have a look at Fischer’s abilities at the age of 13, take a look at this game between Donald Byrne and Fischer in 1956.

RIP Bobby Fischer. The world of chess will miss you.

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