40 pounds a day ?- That is what the English women’s football team earned in China

I can’t believe this. The BBC reports that the women’s football team earned a £40 a day for the five weeks that they spent in China.

If you work for eight hours a day in England, you can easily earn that sum even if you are given minimum wages. Is that the way to treat our girls ?

I do not watch women’s football that much, but was definitely shocked after reading the BBC article.

On one hand, we have people like John Arne Riise taking home a £ 140K a week pay packet, and on the other hand, Eniola Aluko earns 1,400 pounds for her five week stay in China.

The FA has said that investment in the women’s game has never been higher, and that is probably a true fact. But 40 pounds a day- come on !!!

FYI, England came to the quarterfinals of the World Cup in China before losing to the USA.

They finished second in Group A behind Germany, and even managed to draw their league game against the eventual champions.

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