India win 3 match Test series 1-0

By drawing at the Oval, Rahul Dravid’s boys have achieved the same result as Ajit Wadekar and his group did close to four decades ago on English soil –  in 1971 to be precise. The victory in 1971 came at the Oval, here it came at Trent Bridge. Both the series ended 1-0 in favour of the visiting side.

India could have won the Oval test had they chosen to enforce the follow on. Why they did not enforce it is a question which beats me. They had  a three hundred run + lead in the first innings.  The bowlers did have their day of rest- they could easily have taken the ten wickets that were needed to win the series 2-0. Instead India chose to go on the defensive by opting to bat again. And England survived on the last day, ending up on 369/6. One wonders what the result of the five day game would have been had India chosen to enforce the follow on. Would it even have lasted the full five days in the first place ?

Some people might not agree with India’s policies, but the bottomline is that the men in Blue have won a series abroad. And that is no small feat. This test will be remembered for Kumble’s century- unless the lanky spin bowler churns out another in his career.


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