A mere coincidence ???

As I write this, Africa 11 are battling hard to secure a win against Asia 11. One of the things which I just noticed is the fact that all the four Asian teams are looking for coaches. Yes, all four- Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh 😀

The other fact is that all the subcontinental teams are looking outside their country for probable candidates. The Indian post, in all probability will go to Graham Ford, but John Emburey still stands a chance, because of the vagaries of Indian cricket.

What makes all these teams look beyond their own country? One immediate reason that I can think of is the fitness and professional attitude factor. The boards hope that western methods and foreign coaches can instill professionalism and discipline. Communication is one problem which can arise, and given the inflated egos that we see in many players today, managing a team, especially a subcontinental one is an extremely tough task.


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