Sultan Azlan Shah Cup 2007

Sorry for not updating this blog- I was quite busy over the last couple of weeks after the conclusion of the cricket world cup

I happened to watch the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup in Malaysia. The hosts came second, behind Australia who won the tournament. India finished third by beating South Korea in the play off.

The Malaysians played well, and they have improved tremendously over the last few years. Their game against India in the semifinals was a good one to watch. The Indians should have won the game with the number of opportunities that they had. Harpal Singh had a pretty torrid time at the back, especially when the Malaysians used the long scoop. Shivender Singh was pretty wasteful in front of goal. The Indians retained their bronze that they won at the last edition, and the young team that they brought in for the tournament did show signs of being a good outfit.

The Aussies were brilliant as usual, and the way they dispatched the Koreans and the Malaysians in the last two games was excellent. They scored 9*( and let in a number which was one third of how much they scored) in the semifinals and finals.

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