2006 FIFA World Cup quiz

Take this quiz to test how much you actually remember about the 2006 World Cup.

1.) Eventual World Cup winners Italy conceded 2 goals in the entire tournament- one was the penalty Zidane scored in the final. Give me the name of the player who scored the other goal ??

2.) Who was the only English player to figure in FIFA’s all star team of the World Cup.

3.) What was unique about the first and last goals scored in the tournament ??

4.) Which player, who made his world cup debut for his country by coming on for a Liverpool player, wore his first name on the back of his shirt instead of his surname? The player also became his country’s youngest player at a world cup in that game.

5.)Horacio Elizondo, who was the referee in the final between the Italians and the French, showed a total of 3 straight red cards in the tournament. One was of course Zinedine Zidane- name the other two players.

I’ll add some more questions. In the unlikely event that I messed up my facts, please do not hesitate to leave a comment so that I’ll rectify the error.



  1. Exiciting and interesting quiz I have never thought of such questions before.But where do u post the answers for them.I am sure about the 4 questions.but what about the 4th question,

    That is still confusing

  2. Gimme the answers of what you do know and I’ll tell you what the answer of the fourth question is. The fourth one isn’t as straighforward, but if you do put your thinking hat on, there is no reason why you shouldn’t get it

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