Liverpool agree to American takeover

The board of Liverpool FC has accepted an offer from US businessmen George Gilett and Tom Hicks for a takeover of the club.

The board has called for a press conference at 2 PM UK time to announce details of the buyout.

The Americans are reported to have offered 5000 pounds for each Liverpool share, putting the issued share capital of the club at 1.74 million pounds.

“Together with the £44.8million of net debt in the club as at December 31 2006, this represents an enterprise value for Liverpool of £218.9 million.”

Current Liverpool chairman David Moores is expected to become honorary life president at Anfield after the takeover. The money is expected to be used to construct a new stadium at Stanley Park. The takeover will also give Liverpool more teeth in the transfer market where they haven’t been able to compete with the likes of Chelsea, Real Madrid and even West Ham in recent times.

The 5 time European champions will  join Manchester United, Chelsea, West Ham, Aston Villa and Portsmouth  in the list of English clubs in foreign hands.

I do hope that this brings in some big name signings to Anfield. We haven’t made any major signings in the last three to 4 years, and getting some quality players might help us achieve the level of consistency we have so badly been seeking in the league.



  1. tyduffy said

    I would be worried if I were you. Tom Hicks is one of the worst owners in American sports. His biggest legacy in baseball is being fooled into signing outrageous contracts for mediocre players, every single year, and by the same agent, no less. You may get some big names coming to Anfield, but it may be at an overinflated cost.

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