Italian football stopped due to violence

Italian football has been no stranger to violence and  controversy . Recently we had the match fixing scandal which reduced the Old Lady of Turin to the plebian fare of playing in Italy’s second division.  The World Cup victory did its best to erase the memories of the scandal though, and the public has resigned to seeing Juventus in the second division. Now, the death of a police officer in a Serie A game has resulted in stopping of all further Italian league games till further notice.

The national friendly against Romania has been cancelled with immediate effect. Clashes between supporters and the police are not uncommon in soccer crazy Italy, and unfortunately, officer Filippo Ricati lost his life in a Serie A game between Palermo and Catania, 3rd and 5th in the league when the match kicked off. The match got suspended after an hour of play when the teargas which the police had to use outside the ground,extended upto the field as well. The Palermo fans reportedly could not make their way into the stadium until the second half, and this is what provoked the violence.

Palermo won the game, but their coach Francesco Guidiloin said that the Catalonia fans were responsible for all the violence and mess.

Incidents like these make the beautiful game less beautiful to watch 😦

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