Federer wins 3rd Australian Open

For close to an hour, I thought Fernando Gonzalez had a chance…the first set was crucial to his chances…If he won the first set, it would be the first time that Federer would have dropped a set in the entire tournament.

The first set was an absolute treat to watch. Both Gonzalez and Federer struggled with their first serves, and there were many errors. You could blame the wind for that :D, but for a while, Fedex did look ”human”. His shots wen’t out instead of coming in, and Gonzalez made him work extremely hard. When he broke Federer on the 9th game and served for the set, the Chilean faithful thought that he had done enough to win the set. But King Roger fought back, and Gonzalez was again fighting to take it into the tie break. 7 deuces, a racket change , a 209 km ace later, the set was at 6-6. Federer’s first shot in the tiebreaker went out according to the authorities. He challenged for it, and the judgement went in his favour and the point was replayed. Thereafter King Fed sped through 7-2 and won an important psychological battle against the 1998 French Open junior champion.

The next two sets weren’t as competitive, but Gonzalez ‘s exhaustion started to show, and Federer simply waited for his opponent to break down. The last two sets showed exactly the same scoreline 6-4, 6-4. Roger became the first man since Bjorn Borg in 1980 to win a major without dropping a set.


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