Liverpool has some brilliant youngsters at CM 07

I have started playing CM 07 too 😀 ( No no..I haven’ t given up on my 03-04 obsession yet :P) I started off with Liverpool as expected and discovered that this game does place a lot of emphasis on tactics, as many other games too.

And the squad I have at Liverpool is on paper, probably the best side in the Premiership. I am a bit thin at the back, with Paletta and Hyppia not performing. But my reserves are full of great youngsters-

Craig Lindfield

Miki Roque

Lee Peltier

Jack Hobbs

Godwin Antwi seems to have decent stats too.

I haven’t played with all these guys for years or looked up at some best players guide, but these guys look genuinely good from their stats. Bellamy has wonderful stats, but somehow struggles to find the back of the net. God is in sparkling form, he scores half of my goals. It is a bit absurd that Fowlers’ stats here will ensure that he walks into any team’s starting 11, whereas he has 13-13-14-14 in CM0 03-04, which makes him a rather average player there.

Gonzalez and Pennant have been doing beautifully and I have landed Diego and Gorcuff too. Ionescu and Richards do their job well too, all though I haven’t signed them as of yet 😀

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