Nadal says he wants to partner Federer

Rafael Nadal, the current world no.2 has reportedly said that he wouldn’t mind partnering Roger Federer in doubles. Nadal is currently at the Chennai open in India, also featuring players like Moya, Karlovic, Malisse and Schuettler.

Fedex and Rafa in doubles…interesting proposition 😀

Would be interesting to see if it does work out. The chances are low, given that both the players play at the same tournaments and focus more on their singles ranking..

Anyway, keep ya guys updated on this..


  1. keche said

    Finally, I find another Sports Blog with interesting information ;P

    But this partnership is never going to work out.

    Federer will completely domintate in 2007 by BEATING Nadal at the French.

    Federer hates Nadal’s guts PERIOD.

    Just my musings about your post.

  2. Thanks for your musings mate 🙂
    I know the partnership might not work out. There are ego problems and many other hassles when two people like Nadal and Federer are in the fray.
    Still, if they do, I’d like to see how they do.

    And as for the French, I think this year it’ll belong to the Spaniard too.

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