My quiz question for the day

Today, I kinda feel in the mood to ask a question or two. Try and identify this person from the clues given below. I’ll give the answer tommorrow. And please, in the spirit of quizzing, DO not google, although I have no control over what you do 😀

I’ll try to make it as ungooglable as possible.

1.) This player may be well known to some, but is unlikely to be known to all. He plays in a team which is managed by a legend of the beautiful game.

2.) That team shares part of its nickname with a club which is currently playing in the Championship.

3.) He has a hattrick against an English side ( currently in the top three in the Premiership) in the Champions League and wears a jersey number synonymous with great players. Needless to say, he is more of a forward.

4.) He is a player targetted by some big European clubs in CM 03-04.

Post your answers as comments.



  1. it has to be Ronaldhino

    wears number 10

    scored a hatrick against Chelsea

  2. I am afraid it isn’t Ronnie. Ronnie is known to everyone on this planet.
    If nobody wants to give this a shot, I’ll give the answer out in a while 🙂

  3. The answer is Sanli Tuncay 🙂

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