Rahul Dravid out of ODI series

I apologise for not updating this blog for quite a while. My internet wasn’t upto scratch 😀 and although it has been only 4 days, I feel its been ages since I blogged.

India’s loss to South Africa puts further pressure on them. I thought that there was no variation attempted by Pathan and Co. in the late overs. That made things easier for the burly Kemp- for all he had to do was hit through the line and wait for the ball to sail over the rope.

Coming back to the topic, Dravid has been ruled out of the series with an avulsion fracture  on the middle finger of his right hand. VVS Laxman has been called up as his replacement.Given India’s poor state of affairs in the batting department, the absence of Dravid could hit them badly, as he is one of the few players ‘ in form’.

Let us see whether the stylish Hyderabadi manages to silence his critics with some good innnings.

And Ashwell Prince will replace Boeta Dippenaar for the remaining two ODI’s. Dippennaar hasn’t figured in the first three ODI’s in this series, having lost his spot to Loots Bosman.

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  1. Sam said


    Its time for heads to roll, If chappel did not know about the middle stump guard that ganguly could take what is is a coach for. Why should a bugger like kiran more keep a gritty genius like sourav out of cricket for so many months why we as a nation lost to other countries like westindies australia and South africa.

    Return our lost Indian pride return us our so many months of humiliation and return us the happiness of these losses. I demand that from the cricketing eastablishment.

    Why should a foreigner be allowed to raise a middle finger at Indians and still no action be taken . Who gives you the authority to humiliate Indians. I demand an answer from crickets administrators.

    Why did you humiliate US we demand an answer.

    NOw another player Pathan is being mishandled. If the Coach cant help he should be made to carry drinks and probably Kapil Dev or Gavaskar or Mahinder amarnath should be made the Coach.

    Has chairman of selection comittee been delagated the role of Coach. If selection comittee is not doing its job of looking at talent within the country who will do that?

    Its time to get rid of chappel and get an indian Coach and change Indian Captain .

    About Tendlya the less said the better I would attribute one of the famous dialogues in the film Rangeela. where Raja (Amir) tells pakya after he narrates the story of what happened to him when he proposed to a girl. Where Raja says “Sala agar eisahi chalta Raha Bahul Jaldi tereko ladies chappal ka dukan kholna pardenga”. I think after the hooting and booing the fans in wankhade has given Tendlya. It is time supporters go to stadiums with ladies Chappals and help tendlya realize his ultimate dream of setting up a ladies chappal store beside each of his restaurants.

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