Golf roundup

I really haven’t posted in quite a while about golf, the reason plaintively being that there is too much cricket and soccer to distract me these days šŸ˜€

However Jeev Milkha Singh winning the Volvo Masters does deserve a mention. Jeev is the son of legendary Indian athlete Milkha Singh, for those who haven’t heard of him. He won the Volvo Masters of Europe, the season ending tournament on the European Tour. Now that is some achievement, considering that he pipped the likes of Sergio Garcia and Padraig Harrrington to top spot. That win propels him into the top 100 golfers, no small achievement for a man from a country not too well known for its golfers.

Speaking about golf, an unused 11 acre site is going to be converted into a golf course for kids in New York. Kids as young as 5 will hone their skills there. Who knows…we might find another Tiger from there šŸ™‚ . Before you wonder whether this is a joke or part of some golf humour series, lemme assure you that it is not. This news is 100% true and the project is being funded by a combination of private and public money.

I’dĀ  better read up some golf articles to brush up too šŸ˜› . That might give me some theory knowledge only, but after reading about kids improving their skills , I need to be abreast too šŸ™‚


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