Check this one out too…

Quite a few of you guys might have noticed my earlier post about a resort which combines golf with pleasure. Here is another one which caught my eye.

This resort is a luxury lodge situated in the Sidlaw Hills of Angus, Scotland. Yup, the same nation that gave us Colin Montgomerie and Dorothy Campbell. It is situated on the doorstep of the Highlands and isn’t too far from St. Andrews, the mecca for golfers. Ideal place, right 🙂

They have a specialised osprey viewing centre. So you can take your dinner at their fine Reval restaurant and watch the Ospreys have theirs too. There is a 18 hole golf course, and you can try your hand out at fishing for brown and rainbow trout in the fresh waters of the Loch.

Their function suite can cater up to 300 guests, and with the beautiful Scottish countryside in the backdrop, it is a preferred choice for weddings.

Its self catering luxury lodges can accomodate upto 9 guests ( apart from you) . Plus there are some fantastic features like indoor sauna and hot tub on the balcony. When it comes to lodges in Scotland, it really doesn’t appear to get any better than this one.

Next time, you head off to Scotland, try and check this one out  🙂


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