Trevor Berbick

The media didn’t write much about this man’s death. It didn’t occupy reams of newspaper space. .

Trevor Berbick, for the uniniated was the last man to beat the Louisville Lip, Muhammad Ali. That was probably this Jamaican boxer’s greatest claim to fame. He also, was the person Mike Tyson beat for his first heavyweight title. So the guy in short, is the link between the eras of Ali and Tyson, two of the world’s most well recognised boxers of their generations.

He held the world heavyweight title for a brief while, winning it from Pinklyn Thomas and losing it to Mike Tyson. He had 33 KO’s out of 50 wins from 62 fights, with 11 losses and one draw. He often had problems with the law, and was deported from the USA twice.

He died in a church courtyard in Jamaica, after an assault by a man left him with a gaping hole in his head.


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