Ice Cricket anybody??

Cricket fever is on a high as the ICC Champions trophy reaches its climax. And as I continue my quest for finding interesting sites on the net, here is one which caught my eye.

Ice Cricket, as you can tell by the name, is played on ice. This game though, is played in Europe, in one of its most picturesque capital cities, Tallinn. Yup you got it right, Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. I doubt many inhabitants there would have heard of the game, but there is no dearth of ice there..I can tell ya 🙂 The wicket is carved out of ice and the boundary is marked to keep bewildered locals off the field. You have to use an indoor ball, and most importantly, not forget your spikes.

The matches can be played on a lake, on the Baltic Sea or even in an old Soviet Missile Factory depending on the snowfall. Pretty neat, eh 🙂

Tours4 Sport are the organisers and they work in tandem with the Estonian Cricket Association to ensure that the game goes on without a hitch.

Here are some dates listed on their site

Thursday 8th February 2007 –
Sunday 11th February 2007
(Universities, Colleges and Students)

Thursday 22nd February 2007 –
Sunday 25th February 2007
(Clubs, Vets and Corporate teams)

Thursday 8th March 2007 –
Sunday 11th March 2007
(Clubs, Vets and Corporate teams)

Ice Cricket Tournaments in Estonia,
4 days from only £195

Next time you feel a little bored and want to try something totally new, give this a go !!! You are bound to have a great time.

And at 195 pounds, it won’t pinch your pocket too much 😀


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