Manchester City Update

Capture this:

1. You haven’t won a away game for a year now.

2. You have collected 5 points on the road from your last 17 games.

3. 11 first team regulars are on the physio’s table.

4. There is no fit left midfielder at the club.

5. Your 6 mn- rated star striker plays left midfield.

6. Beanie, the horse, seems to have lost its charm.

So what do you do next? Yes, you go away to Wigan and lose 0-4 . Thats what happened to City at the weekend; their worst defeat for 3 years now! It was a simply a spineless performance by the Blue half of Manchester, and as a fan, i felt ashamed to watch 11 non-committed players chase shadows at the JJB. The Chairman, John Wardle, has called the performance “embarrassing”. I call it “shameless”.

I often scorn at these fairweather football fans who support Chelsea just for the money they have and all that jazz. But now I know why they chose Chelsea and not City, because Chelsea win games week in week out, and the fans are content, City dont win games; they cant buy an away point these days.

Whatever it may be, I like Stuart Pearce. He calls spade a spade and is ready to accept blame for under-par performances. I have read many articles on the City defeat but the gaffer’s attitude makes me feel comfortable. I know that City is indeed in right hands.

Quoting Stuart Pearce, “The fans have always backed this football club from start to finish. It is down to me to say to the players ‘You have to match the passion that the supporters have for this football club’.”

The results are not painful, but the lack of passion shown in that blue jersey is! I hope that we turn things around soon. I really do. And I know that Psycho is the right person.

Go Psycho!!!

See what Pearce had to say.


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