England lose 0-2 to Croatia

     England’s much talked about change to 3-5-2 went completely poof as they lost 2-0 to Croatia. Dinamo Zagreb striker Eduardo Da Silva, nicknamed Dudu, scored the first and the second was a bizarre own goal byGary Neville.
Croatia kept up their impressive record at home with the win, and England have some serious soul searching to do. There is no point playing Lampard at this moment, because he is woefully out of form. I do not deny that he is a good player, but he has been given quite a large rope already. Michael Carrick had an off day. Robinson, despite his error in conceding the own goal, was easily England’s best player on the night as he pulled off several great saves to keep England in the game till Eduardo scored. There was no urge to attack and England got their basics completely wrong. You do not win games by defending. You do not keep passing the ball back where there is no need to 😛

Anyway Gary Neville’s OG was a bit of a comic situation. He passed it back and as Robinson went to clear the ball hit a divot and rolled into the net.

There are some hard decisions to be taken if England need to progress. McLaren showed he is not afraid to do so when he dropped Beckham. The same , I am afraid needs to be done with Frank Lampard. Dropping him might do him more good, and he will return with rejuvenated hunger.

England 0-2 Croatia ( Eduardo, Gary Neville OG)

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