I often wonder

I often wonder why FIFA and PE tend to be more popular than games like Championship Manager and Football Manager . It’s probably because more people tend to like being the player , rather than doing all the donkey work from the sidelines. I mean, given a choice, more people would like to be Thierry Henry than Arsene Wenger right πŸ™‚ .Guess it is human nature ….
I however belong to the other category, for whom football manager games are more than an obession. Have played all the editions of CM so far and liked CM 03-04 the best. And I have come to form a very special bond with Mr.Anatoli Todorov πŸ™‚

And news for all ya fellow CM addicts. Championship Manager 2007 is releasing on the 13th of October in stores in the UK. It has indepth player talks and match analysis, and is reported to have a level of detail and realism unseen in previous editions.

Pre order your copy if you like too .


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