Capturing Zagreb…..

Lowly Macedonia held England for a goal-less draw at Old Trafford. theblacksheep suggests a few changes going into the all imporant game in Zagreb:

1. Get your centre midfield pairing right. Both Lampard and Carrick were poor at Old Trafford. Perhaps, they were competing amongst themselves to be the worst player on the pitch. They are two very similar players with almost same attributes. Cant have two players doing the same job. Scott Parker should definitely start in centre of midfield. If Lampard fails again in Zagreb, he might have to go the Beckham-way.

2. SOS: We need RIO. Ledley King isnt a bad defender by any stretch of imagination. But he cant bring the ball out of defence. Whereas Rio, is a master at getting the ball forward in tight situations. Ledley and John seem content to pass the ball back to Robinson which slows down the tempo of the game enormously.

3. Where’s the Carl Lewis ? The current England side resembles more of a amateur rugby team. There is not an iota of pace in the side (Rooney, too, is not firing). All half-decent international teams have players who can beat full-backs and get behind defences with their pace. England have none. Downing can’t run and Gerrard tends to drift to the centre leaving the right side terribly exposed. Some pace needs to be injected; SWP, Defoe and Johnson must get on the pitch early.

And to top all the problems, Gerrard is supended for the game. SWP should be a natural replacement on the right for Gerrard. Parker should and will replace Carrick. A hopelessly out of form Frnak Lampard will again be the midfield lynchpin. There have been reports of Mac going for a 3-5-2. Poor ol’ Gary will miss out if the team is chosen that way. And Michael Carrick will get another chance to prove to the world why he is the worst buy of the pre-season at 18.6 mn $ !


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