Introducing a football prediction game-EPL

There are lots of sports blogs on the net now ( wordpress, blogger plus the guys with their own domains). Most of the blogs do give their opinion on the soccer matches of the weekend and I have just thought of a friendly competition between all of em. We’ll have the weekend games to predict and all you need to do, is enter the scoreline you think is most likely to happen. Games which take place only on Saturday, Sunday and Monday in the UK will be considered ( GMT)
For example Arsenal vs Manchester United.

Arsenal 1-1 Manchester United or Arsenal 2-0 Manchester United.

The points system is as follows:

One point for getting the result of the game right.

Two points for predicting the number of goals scored by each team.

So if you predict 2-0 to Arsenal and it does end that way, then you get 2+2 + 1 =5 points. 5 is therefore the maximum you can get for each game.

I’ll calculate the scoring each week, and put up an overall leaderboard too. To kickstart it off here is the list for this weekend’s games. Bear in mind that predictions should be made atleast one hour before the kickoff of the first game on Saturday.

Cheers and do let me know if you have any suggestions

This weekend’s games:
Arsenal vs Watford
Villa vs Tottenham
Liverpool vs Blackburn
Man City vs Sheff Utd
Boro vs Everton
Portsmouth vs West Ham
Reading vs Chelsea
Wigan vs Manchester United
Newcastle vs Bolton


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