Michael Schumacher announces his retirement

The legend has announced his retirement. After winning Ferrari’s home GP at Monza, Michael Schumacher has announced that he will retire from Formula 1 at the end of this season

( Image courtesy Google Images)

Schumacher has dominated F-1 like no one has in recent times and the records he possesses are staggering. Take a look at some of them

  • Most race wins: 90 (previous record beaten in 2001)
  • Most race wins with one team: 71
  • Most podium finishes: 153
  • Most second place finishes: 43
  • Most points finishes: 188
  • Most pole positions: 68
  • Most fastest laps: 75
  • Most race wins from pole position: 40
  • Most “clean-sweeps” (pole position, race win, and fastest lap): 22
  • Most championship points: 1,354


  • Only racing driver ever, in any racing class, to win 5 times at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
  • Only driver in history to win the same Grand Prix 8 times at ( French GP)
  • Only driver to lead over 5,000 laps.(Achieved at 2006 German Grand Prix)
  • Most time between first and last race wins: 13 years, 11 months, and 3 days
  • Most championship titles: 7 (previous record beaten in 2003)
  • Most consecutive championship titles: 5
  • Most race wins in a season: 13 (in 18 races) (previous record tied in 1995, 2000, and 2001 and beaten in 2002)
  • Most consecutive race wins: 7
  • Most fastest laps in a season: 10 (in 18 races)
  • Most championship points in a season: 148 (out of a maximum of 180)
  • Most consecutive race finished without retirement 24 (Alonso broke series of 22 at Hugaroring 2006)Most podium finishes in a season: 17 (in 17 races)

( The list is courtesy Wikipedia)

He is definitely up there with the likes of Fangio and Senna as one of Motor Sports‘ greatest drivers.

We will miss you Michael….



  1. Dean Wette said

    “Only racing driver ever, in any racing class, to win 5 times at Indianapolis Motor Speedway”

    Four times, not five. It may say five in the books, but ask any race fan who attended the 2005 USGP — myself included — and they’ll tell you the event was not a race, and the results were completely bogus. It was a Ferrari test session, nothing else. Nobody won, but the fans did lose. It’s a travesty to include that race in any statistic.

  2. I agree Dean, but it goes into the history books all the same. It was great for Minardi and Jordan though. This kind of thing does happen some time in sport.

  3. I feel that once we are into the new season the MS fever will get over.

    BTW lets not quibble about one race

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