Football quiz

1.) I am widely regarded as one of the best marksmen of all time. I played for two countries , playing just 2 for one and the majority for the other. I have plied most of my trade in Spain and have a La Liga and Champions League to show off among my trophies .Played for a while in England, though not with great success, before signing off in Germany.

I am my team’ all time record scorer. Who am I ???
2.) I am a man, best known for my successful stints with an English club, both as a player and as a manager. As a manager, 2 league titles and a cup winners cup count as my achievements. My career at that club as a manager was brought to an abrupt end as I was banned for one year for taking illegal payments from an agent.

After that I managed 2 other clubs. The last club I managed was a bitter rival of the club where I achieved so much, and therefore I never really got on well with the fans. I guided it to a league cup but fell out with the new owner of the club which resulted in my exit.

Who am I???

3.)Hailed as one the rising stars of the future, I currently play for a club alongside a player who played in the Netherlands before coming here.( His father played for the same Dutch club too.)Previously I was at a club which boasted of two frontline strikers with excellent skills in the air ,which did not result in me gettting active first team football. One of them has a World Cup hattrick to his name.

I was at the World Cup in Germany with a team which really did not have much to do

Some clubs and nicknames to round it off…

a)The Terriers—–????

b)The Steelmen-???

c)The Hatters–???

2 points for every question answered…..Best of Luck to all…Answers to be put up in a week…


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