India 2-3 Germany

Great start for Bernhard Peters’ men at their own home world cup. A 3-2 victory over India. And for India-the same old story-inability to defend in the dying minutes. When Christophe Zeller scored the winning goal with 90 odd seconds on the clock, I felt a sense of deja vu. Remember the Champions Trophy not too long ago, where India led the Dutch 3-0 for all but 9 minutes of the game and went to lose 3-4.

Coming back to the game,the Germans again displayed typical European efficiency. Both their drag flicks were well taken, in comparsion to the shoddy ones taken by India. India did dominate possession in the second half, but were unable to make the most of it. Most of India’s attacks were from the left flank, but they lacked the final touch. Dilip Tirkey wasn’t his assertive best in defence and Kanwalpreet Singh was way off colour. India also lacked a penalty corner expert and it did show in the PC’s that they got. With Sandeep Singh havin literally got a “shot in the arm” in India and Jurgaj Singh no where near match fitness, India do not have a specialist drag flicker.Most of the Indianshots were just hits blasted and they were either intercepted or ruled out for being too dangerous.

Germany’s third goal was a well set up one. Their midfield and defence shaped up pretty well. Oliver Hentzschel scored one and Zeller had a brace. Strength, stamina, dedication and fitness prevailed in the end and Peters would be happy to go home with all three points. Kudos to Shivendra Singh who made the most of his WC debut, with 2 goals to his name.


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  1. its depressing (Really) – the Indian team’s performance. We are sliding down the world ranking badly. Or maybe we should give Bhaskaran more time. But both Rach and Rajinder Singh Jr. got adequate time to do well and they didn’t. things not looking good! 😦

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