Who am I –football quiz

Ok folks,here I will give various clues and you have to guess who the person is. Please leave your answers here as comments and you have your result tabulated.Last date is the 31st of August.

  • 1.) I am a well known left footed forward currently playing for a club which many of you would not have heard at all.

My sporting hero is Allan Border.I love Chinese cuisine and have played most of my career in a country which is among the most successful countries in Fifa world cup history.
I missed out on the recent world cup due to a knee injury and am a part of Pele’s 125 greatest living footballers of all time.

  • 2 .)I am a defender, currently working as an assistant coach in a club which has qualified for the Champions League group stages.It is at that very club where I acheived a lot as a player.

I have played for 2 Premiership clubs,one of which is not in the top flight this season.My last match for the other club was a FA cup final victory.
I hold the record for captaining my country a record number of times

  • 3.)I am currently managing a side which is not in the top division of its country. I played for that club for 5 seasons in my career after which I switched to England for a brief one year spell.

I was once nicknamed “water carrier” ( more of an insult) by a player to whom the name of Matthew Simmons will ring a bell

I am also a part of Pele’s 125 greatest living footballers list.

Thanks to all those who replied. Hope you will again participate in future competitions:

Here are the answers:

1.) Christian Vieiri ( sitter thanks to Allan Border)

2.) Oleg Luzhny ( the toughie)

3.) Didier Deschamps ( the guy who insulted him was Cantona)



  1. Edited you get 1 one of the three right…


  2. Kesavan said


    Good going mate…you got 2 out of the three right…

    The one which you had no clue about was the one which was wrong…

  3. ah crap! The second one was too bloody tough..don’t think i have would have cracked that in a million years [:)] Nice quiz!

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