Update till December

Here is a quick look at all the games we have played till December 2003

4-0 (Pompey)

1-2( Anderlecht)

0-0( Leeds)

3-3 ( Charlton)

1-2 ( Inter)

2-0( Blackburn)

4-0( Birmingham)

2-0( Stuttgart)

1-1 ( Chelsea)

0-3 ( Manchester United)

2-1 ( Liverpool)

4-0( Stuttgart)

2-0 ( Manchester United)

1-3 ( Spurs)

2-1( Boro)

3-0 ( Anderlecht)

3-1( Southampton)

2-0 ( Bolton)

We have been knocked out of the league cup by Manchester United.Shoela Amoebi has been in tremendous form.

AND GUESS WHAT –We are first in the league with 34 points from 16 games

Arsenal are second with 30. They started off well,but have faded off in the last few games.

Thierry Henry has signed a contract extension with Arsenal,which rules out chances of snapping him up on a free.


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