Newcastle United-CM thread

This is an update till 1st September 2003.

We won all friendlies by decent margins.As for our Premiership campaign,it is currently 2 wins ( Everton,Man City) one loss ( Arsenal) and one draw ( Leicester)

We are currently placed 8th in the Division.

Players in (Major)

Jussi Pekka Savolainen

Jairo Fernando Castillo

Jose Julian De La Cuesta


Jan Kristiansen

James Graham

Players out :

Andrew Griffin

Jamie McClen

We have qualified for the Champions League where we are with Anderlecht,Inter Milan and VFB Stuttgart.

We suffered an embarassing 5-0 loss to Arsenal.Beat Slavia Prague 4-0 ( Bellamy*4).Our first game against Slavia was quite frustrating as we made numerous attempts and finally got just late late one in ( Amoebi).( 25 shots on goal–no shot for Slavia)

Other Major transfers

Sanli Tuncay ( Man City)

Simone Perotta ( Chelsea)

Sean Davis has gone to Liverpool while Arsenal have snapped up Mikel Arteta.


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